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Burgess Rawson is the marketleader in the sale of freehold automotive investments, selling hundreds of assets in both regional and metro locations across Australia Automotive assets include car servicing centres, automotive industrial sites and car dealerships, ands can deliver robust and resilient returns to your portfolio with their consistent rental income and potential for capital growth.

The automotive industry has proven to be a resilient and steady sector. People’s reliance on cars and other vehicles ensures consistent demand for automotive services. This stability reduces the risks associated with economic fluctuations, making automotive a compelling investment asset class.

Australia has a significant car culture, and the industry continues to thrive with growing population and increasing ownership rates. As the industry innovates through new and more affordable hybrid and alternative energy options, the automotive landscape is one poised for growth well into the future.

With Burgess Rawson, you’ll find a range of automotive commercial properties for sale across Australia, each presenting unique benefits and opportunities. Our team are experienced in managing automotive properties in a variety of sizes and types. They’ll use their unique insight into this asset type to help you find the right investment opportunity.


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