Services and Expertise

Burgess Rawson provides tailored commercial real estate solutions, offering sales, leasing, and asset management for a broad client base. Our national team, with a special focus through our Asian Investment Services, connects globally, leveraging expertise to guide clients in the Australian market, with transactions over $1.2 billion.

We excel in 17 commercial categories, providing unmatched industry data and insights to empower informed decisions. Our Industry Insights Reports and Snapshots make us a key research source for institutions, showcasing our deep market understanding.

Burgess Rawson is more than a service provider; we’re your strategic advantage in commercial real estate.

Tailored Property Expertise

At Burgess Rawson, our expertise spans across 17 key property categories, each supported by a national team of specialists.

Whether it’s fast food, early education, medical facilities, industrial properties, or any other asset class, our seasoned professionals ensure you receive the finest guidance, tailored strategies, and the best possible results for your unique property investments.

Our track record shines particularly when it comes to investments leased to blue-chip tenants including Bunnings, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Coles, Woolworths, United Petroleum and more.

Portfolio Auctions

Burgess Rawson’s Portfolio Auctions, held every six weeks in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, offer investors a unique and unmatched opportunity.

Covering all asset classes, from $300k, with three bidding options—online, phone, and in-person.

Burgess Rawson auctions are the commercial market’s litmus test, providing unparalleled insights for over 25 years to investors and owners alike.

Join us where success is tradition.

Industry Insights

Burgess Rawson’s industry insights reports are an invaluable asset for investors and property owners alike.

Our team of experts offers in-depth analysis and market insights, helping you navigate the ever-evolving commercial property landscape.

With a track record of delivering actionable information, we’ve already released early education, convenience retail, and healthcare reports with more sectors soon to be released.

Stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions with our trusted insights.

Asset Valuation

Burgess Rawson offers comprehensive assistance in asset valuation, ensuring property owners have access to the best resources.

While we provide asset valuation services in Western Australia, we extend our support to clients across the country, connecting them with trusted experts for their valuation needs.

Rely on us for guidance in obtaining accurate and reliable asset valuations, wherever your property may be located.

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