Raoul Holderhead


Raoul is a stalwart figure in the dynamic commercial property sector, renowned for his focus on innovation and integrity.

Joining Burgess Rawson in 2001, Raoul has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of commercial property transactions. He spearheaded the implementation of our renowned six-weekly Portfolio Investment Auction events, a pioneering approach that has facilitated the sale of over 1000 commercial properties, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Driven by his strong commitment to fairness and transparency, Raoul excels in effective communication, forging enduring partnerships with Burgess Rawson’s strategic regional allies and fostering relationships with commercial property stakeholders across Australia.

For Raoul, each day presents an opportunity to immerse himself in the complexities of the commercial property market. His profound passion for the industry resonates with clients, who trust him time and again with the sale of their commercial assets. This trust is a testament to Raoul’s unparalleled expertise and dedication to achieving optimal results.

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Leongatha VIC
51a McCartin Street
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Taree NSW
91 Victoria Street
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Burgess Rawson are responsible for 54% of all fast food freehold sales in Australia.

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Raoul Holderhead