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At Burgess Rawson, we specialise in a wide range of liquor investment opportunities, including large and small format liquor stores, drive-thru bottle shops and more. Burgess Rawson sells the most commercial property in Australia, and that is down to the expertise of our team. With an unwavering focus on the complexities of this asset class including major players and industry drivers, you can place your trust in our highly trained, national team. Our agents are equipped with expansive knowledge and experience to guide you through the exciting investment landscape that is liquor.

Industry data shows that liquor investments historically yielded attractive results. This was especially highlighted throughout the COVID pandemic as bottle shops remained open due to their essential service status. But what investors are also looking for are strong, household-name tenants. Brands such as Dan Murphy’s, First Choice Liquor, BWS and Liquorland dominate the $44.1B industry and provide investors with confidence by committing to long-term leases and strategically selecting premium locations for their stores. Investing in an asset class like liquor can offer long-term, secure returns thanks to a number of key fundamentals:

  • Stable demand: Liquor is a staple commodity, and liquor stores enjoy consistent demand regardless of economic conditions.
  • Resilience: The liquor industry has demonstrated resilience, with liquor consumption remaining steady even during challenging times. This resilience can provide a level of stability that other investments cannot necessarily offer.
  • Profitability: Well-operated liquor stores can generate substantial profits due to the high-margin nature of the industry.


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