Childcare & Social Infrastructure

Childcare & Early Education Centres for Sale

As Australia’s undisputed leader in the sale of early education investments, Burgess Rawson has transacted 77% of all assets offered to market in the last 18 months. Our national team boasts over 40 years of experience in this sector, able to provide unique insights and extensive industry data to support your next property decision.

Early education is one of Australia’s fastest growing and highly sought-after asset classes. Since 2012, we’ve witnessed the unabated appetite for early education assets increase forty-fold as investors continue to seek strong underlying land value, secure long-term leases and quality tenants. Unwavering bipartisan support from both Federal and State Governments continues to underpin the sector. Increased workforce participation and sustained population growth remain driving factors for compounding government investment, reinforcing the stability and security of childcare investments.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or are looking to divest, make sure you speak to the experts in early education.

Social Infrastructure

While Early Education is a fundamental service under the umbrella of social infrastructure, this ‘super sector’ actually comprises facilities and spaces that support the wellbeing of our communities. These anchor assets are incredibly sought-after by investors as are underpinned by State and Federal governments and offer a level of security many other asset classes cannot match. Healthcare, social housing, Indigenous Australian services and environmental services are just a few sectors that make up social infrastructure.


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Current Childcare & Social Infrastructure Opportunities