Portfolio Collection 153

Welcome to Portfolio 153

And welcome Prime Minister Albanese! This election didn’t bring the usual halt in the commercial property market. The Labor and Teal candidates sent a message that they would not interfere with negative gearing, Trust taxes and franking credits. This certainty contributed to an 91% success rate and further yield compression in our May auctions.

This month, we explore the ‘Big Shift’ – a new government, the first interest rate rises since 2020 and the highest inflation in years – and yet the commercial real estate market remains strong.

During times of economic fluctuation, the stability of commercial property investment comes to the fore. And no other investments deliver the same level of security as ‘essential services’, which have been forever been at Burgess Rawson’s core offerings across the nation.

The properties we focus on are typically leased to essential service and or ASX-listed tenants, who commit to long leases and deliver that all-important rental certainty. And our latest line-up is no different. A diverse portfolio of 60 properties includes top-tier tenants across all major asset classes; fuel and convenience, early education, medical, government, banking, supermarkets and more. With locations across the country and price points to suit every budget, you’ll certainly be able to find your next opportunity in our collection of the best properties on market right now.

While there is conflicting commentary on the overall economy, the outlook for commercial property investment remains bright.

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