Portfolio Collection 159

Welcome to Portfolio 159

This year is already shaping up to be a solid year with demand for well-performing assets remaining firm. Essential services will again be a major focus and our latest portfolio will feature a range of convenience retail, early education, medical and government assets.

In this portfolio, we focus on convenience retail following the outstanding result of a 7-Eleven in Killara NSW which sold for $7.5 million, reflecting a yield of 3.96%.

Convenience retail is an asset class that continues to perform well with our 2022 sales totalling $220 million. While there were some economic challenged last year, early education is also among a nuber of asset classes that continue to be sought-after. Burgess Rawson closed 2022 very strongly with a total of $280 million in early education transactions, and yields averaging 4.57%.

Despite interest rate increases and concerns over a slowing economy, there is a strong underlying demand for all recession-proof centres.

In other news, Burgess Rawson will launch its highly anticipated Industry Insights Reports next month, with our first edition focusing on convenience retail.

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