Q&A with Katherine Shi


Katherine Shi

Asian Investment Services – Marketing Manager

At the forefront of Sydney’s campaign coordination and with a meticulous approach to Asian market engagement, Katherine Shi has consistently delivered exceptional outcomes that have become the hallmark of her career.

With a background rich in experience and roles, Katherine’s dual expertise highlights her commitment to elevating operational effectiveness and broadening the horizons of Burgess Rawson’s market influence.

Can you share your journey with Burgess Rawson so far, and what drew you to real estate as a career path in the first place?

“What drew me to real estate was the complex and challenging nature of the industry itself. Commercial real estate transactions represent some of the most intricate and multifaceted deals in the business world. Successfully selling a property requires a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and adaptability.

Working in real estate and particularly for Burgess Rawson has been a journey of continuous growth and learning. It’s a profession that constantly tests one’s abilities and showcases their qualities and mentality. Each transaction presents new obstacles to overcome, each client interaction offers valuable insights, and each negotiation hones my skills further.

I thrive in this dynamic and ever-evolving environment, where every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to excel. It’s not just about the value of the properties; it’s about thc omplexity of the industry and the satisfaction of overcoming hurdles to achieve success.’

What do you enjoy most about your role?

“The best part of my role is that it’s multifaceted.

My remit spans end to end coordination of our sales campaigns via both Portfolio Auction and Expressions of Interest, as well as the management of our Asian marketing initiatives.

This includes implementation of our unique WeChat strategy, content creation to appeal to global investors, and ensuring our market research and industry trends are accessible across Burgess Rawson’s social media platforms.

I also enjoy managing our Asian Services email marketing campaigns and coordinating our client facing events, conferences and seminars.’

What motivated you to join Burgess Rawson?

“I was drawn to Burgess Rawson primarily because of its well-known and highly regarded culture and team.

I genuinely enjoy working with colleagues I can learn from, and who share my passion for the industry. The camaraderie among our team members is remarkable; we function like a close-knit group of friends, holding each other in the highest respect and all working towards a common goal.

Feeling valued, trusted, and supported is so important to me. Burgess Rawson recognises this and has significantly contributed to my personal and professional growth. The company also provides a clear roadmap for career progression, which aligns well with my aspirations.’

Could you share your goals?

“I plan to continue optimising our Asian Services email marketing strategy, as well as elevating my involvement in sales transactions to broaden my expertise across key asset classes.

I thrive when I’m constantly learning, so I’d also like to develop my marketing skills and leverage my knowledge to enhance our lead generation process, growing both our Asian Services database and our WeChat following.’

What are some highlights of your career at Burgess Rawson?

“Some notable highlights of my career at Burgess Rawson include the project management of two highly successful Property EXPO events, hosting a number of engaging Asian Investment Seminars, and being recognised as the Administrator of the Year in 2023.

Additionally, I’ve helped grow Burgess Rawson’s WeChat following to nearly 1000 subscribers, further expanding our reach in the Asian market.’


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