Q&A with James Bergman


James Bergman

Leasing Executive

As a distinguished graduate of Burgess Rawson’s successful Cadet Program, James refined his skills under the expert mentorship of our esteemed national partners.

Gaining invaluable exposure across all commercial property sectors, James’ recent promotion to Leasing Executive is a testament to the skills he has acquired through the program. His adeptness in handling complex transactions and dedication to client satisfaction position him as an indispensable asset in elevating the Burgess Rawson team.

Can you walk us through your journey with Burgess Rawson, detailing how you progressed from joining as a cadet to your current role as Leasing Executive?

“My journey with Burgess Rawson has been transformative, to say the least. From day one, this experience has not only expanded my knowledge of commercial real estate but also highlighted the significance of prioritising client satisfaction and maintaining meticulous attention to detail.

My promotion to Leasing Executive represents a milestone in my career at Burgess Rawson. It signifies the culmination of dedication and expertise cultivated through the Cadet Program, empowering me to deliver exceptional leasing solutions to our clients.

In this role, I aspire to leverage my experience and insights to optimise lease agreements, ensuring they align with our clients’ objectives while maximising value for all parties involved.’

What do you find most rewarding about your role as a Leasing Executive in the commercial real estate industry?

“The most rewarding aspect of my role is undoubtedly the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with a diverse range of clients. Every day presents a new opportunity to connect with individuals from different backgrounds, each at a unique stage of their property journey. As a leasing executive, I am passionate about partnering with tenants and landlords alike to help them realise their business aspirations and dreams, contributing to their success and growth.’

Could you share with us your primary responsibilities and objectives as a leasing executive? Additionally, how do you approach leasing negotiations and building relationships with clients and tenants?

“My primary responsibilities revolve around facilitating successful leasing transactions while nurturing strong relationships with clients and tenants. This entails a multifaceted approach, including proactive client engagement and strategic negotiation tactics.

Through my training at Burgess Rawson, I have learnt how crucial it is to tailor bespoke solutions for each client in order to optimise value for landlords and tenants alike.’

How do you stay informed about industry trends and market developments? Are there any emerging trends or opportunities that you find particularly exciting or promising?

“I stay updated on industry trends by immersing myself in the Australian Financial Review and other relative industry updates each morning. This practice not only keeps me informed but also provides insights into economic intricacies shaping the market.

I’m particularly interested in the opportunities arising from the booming regional market. The demand for flexible office spaces and sustainability initiatives is especially pronounced in these areas. Businesses are seeking adaptable workspaces, while sustainability is becoming increasingly important, especially in regional developments.

By monitoring trends, I aim to provide valuable insights and guidance to my clients, ensuring they can capitalise on the opportunities presented.’

Lastly, what advice would you offer to aspiring professionals looking to pursue a career in commercial real estate, especially those starting out as cadets?

“My advice is simple: embrace the unique opportunities and challenges that this industry presents. Real estate offers amazing diversity and the chance to make a meaningful impact on clients’ property journeys.

As for those starting out as cadets, I encourage them to seize every opportunity for growth and learning, leveraging the mentorship and support provided to propel their success in the industry.’


“My recent promotion represents a significant milestone in my career at Burgess Rawson. My training through the Cadet Program has refined my skills; and I feel both empowered and excited to partner with our clients, helping contribute to their success.’ – James Bergman