Stacey Melbom

Operations Manager

Stacey is a highly experienced Operations Manager with a 12 year career specialising in senior operations roles, portfolio auction campaigns, and investment analysis.

As Operations Manager of Burgess Rawson’s Queensland office, Stacey oversees the management of the Brisbane based Portfolio Auctions, the marketing of the individual properties, and the analysis and reporting of investment results.

Her leadership and extensive experience in this space ensures the smooth running of all operational aspects of the business, with a key focus on marketing, quality, and brand.

For Stacey, collaboration and a relationship driven approach is as important to internal culture as it is to client relationships, and this underpins every aspect of her work. She is passionate about the Queensland commercial property sector and the incredible opportunities, and transformation, that lays ahead for Australia’s next Olympic city.

Stacey has a Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Real Estate and Development from the University of Queensland.

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