The value of working with multifaceted investment advisors

Property ManagementFriday 24 March 2017

When you’re seeking advice for your self managed super fund property investment or developments, you’ll want to be speaking with someone who has widespread experience across a range of property management services. Here’s why it’s important to work with an advisor with comprehensive experience across a range of investment types.

They have a clear overview of the market

It’s rare that an investor will know everything that’s going on in the real estate market in an area they’re looking to buy or sell in. For a property advisor, their sole focus is to work within and understand the local property market thoroughly. Our advisors are aware of what is available and in demand at any one time. That means fewer missed opportunities, better connections to potential bargains and a greater awareness of future demand.

They’ve seen it all

The risk of working with a specialist advisor is that they can have a micro perspective rather than a macro one. It’s worth finding an advisor or an advisory team with experience across residential, commercial and industrial properties; self managed super funds property investment; and infrastructure developments and the development of projects such as hotels, medical centres and apartment blocks if this is something you’re investing in. With this wide awareness, an advisor can provide a neutral reality check when you need it and advise on the best times to buy or sell.

They have access to the necessary tools and networks

Your valuations and advisory team should be able to access industry and market information to consistently have a clear view of demand and supply. Ours use state of the art technology and current real estate data to help you make fully informed decisions. The goal is to find the true value and potential risks of the avenues you’re pursuing.

They know how to target the necessary demographics

If you’re developing a project aimed towards a specific demographic, it’s imperative you’re working with a project or property manager that knows how to appeal to them. A new apartment block for young city dwellers, for example, will require a different approach to a retirement community development. Choose development consulting services with a team that has their finger on the pulse of what these target groups are looking for in a home.

They think outside the square

It can often take some lateral thinking to find and capitalise on unique property opportunities. Quality advisors will know when to recommend changes to your property presentation or styling to optimise your returns, as well as having the necessary networks to carry them out.

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