The Big Shift

With just 30% of the primary vote Labor has claimed victory in the 2022 election. The conversation is lively as to how the immense increase in ‘Teal’ independents, and a Green Senate will shape Australia’s future.

The ‘Teal’ Independents took key, Liberal-stronghold seats, in a message to the Morrison Government that they ‘failed to deliver’.

Climate Change and Integrity rated as some of the highest concerns of the Australian people. So how does this affect the property industry and what does it mean for investors?

The market is abuzz with never-ending commentary as we emerge in a post pandemic world with inflation at levels not seen since 1990, the first interest rate rise since 2010, and the RBA telling us to expect more.

Despite the many moving parts of an economy in recovery mode and a return of a Labor Government, not in power since 2013, the demand for commercial real estate continues to be strong, as it offers greater stability, higher yield and capital gains compared to other forms of investment.

The election promises to establish the Rewiring the Nation Corporation (RNC) which will lead to big investment in technologies, with an aim to reduce emissions. This will drive investment and jobs which historically has had a positive effect on commercial property.

The bold childcare policy of Labor promises to relieve the costs of childcare to 90% of the population. Labor is predicting that the dollars invested by the government in childcare rebates, fund the policy itself through job creation and increased workforce participation. This is a big win for childcare investors and is expected to underpin values in this sector.


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