Spring property maintenance tips for investment property owners

Commercial,Property ManagementWednesday 16 September 2015

Spring has sprung here in Perth and as we warm up and thaw out it is an important time for property owners and property managers to carry out some essential spring maintenance on their properties.

“There are two critical points for property owners and property managers as we head into spring,’ says Cameron Hopkins, Director at Burgess Rawson. “We need to ensure that reticulation systems are set to water the gardens at our managed properties and we need to undertake summer servicing on air-conditioning units so that they are ready for the first demand for cooling.”

Planning ahead and dealing with any major reticulation and air-conditioning repair items pre-emptively can save property owners and property managers considerable expense and unnecessary angst over the summer months.

With air-conditioning systems representing one of the largest capital expenditure items for a property owner, it is in their best interest to identify the need to conduct major repairs or replace an air-conditioning unit during winter or early spring before the need for air conditioning becomes vital. In the height of summer a hasty decision to repair or replace a unit can lead to delays as parts or replacement units are ordered and the ill will created by such delays when the temperature is over thirty degrees can place a great deal of strain on the tenant/owner relationship.

This spring at Burgess Rawson the Property Management team will be focusing on ensuring that their managed properties have been scheduled for:

  • – A pre-summer air-conditioning service that identifies any repairs that need to be conducted as a matter of urgency
  • – An inspection and test of all reticulation systems, ensuring that any broken sprinkler heads or damaged pipes have been repaired or replaced. Solenoid valves can waste a tremendous amount of water if faulty and should be replaced immediately to avoid high water usage charges
  • – All reticulation systems being set to their WaterWise watering days using the roster on the Water Corporation website, and
  • – Lawns and verges being mowed and garden beds and driveways being sprayed for weeds

As well as providing the opportunity to ensure that your property is ready to cope with the summer months, spring also heralds the beginning of fire danger season here in Perth. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Western Australia dealt with around 4,000 incidents at the beginning of 2015, a quarter of those being directly related to fire activity.
Property owners and property managers can take steps to get their properties fire ready this spring by:

  • – Clearing any leaves and debris out from gutters and downpipes
  • – Clearing the gardens of any loose foliage, rubbish and dead plants
  • – Ensuring that your fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hose reels and fire alarms have been recently serviced and are in sound working order
  • – Checking that the building insurance is adequate on both the owner and tenant side

Further information on fire preparation can be found on the DFES website.

No property owner wants to be caught out this summer – take the time this spring to maintain and prepare your property and ensure you can enjoy your summer months hassle free!