Q&A with Alexis Omwela

Q. You have a background in architecture, what inspired the switch to direct property?

A. “The last few years have seen many people change lanes, I decided to make the shift from architecture to property when construction slowed, affecting my work massively. I saw the resilience the commercial investment space offered and decided it was time for a change. Many of my peers have struggled to make their mark in an industry slowed down, meanwhile my professional growth has skyrocketed since I joined Burgess Rawson.”

Q. How has your experience working at one of Australia’s premier architecture firms helped you in your role at Burgess Rawson?

A. “In my previous role I worked with developers from the concept stage through to construction, now I get to continue this relationship and assist in the sale and leasing of these projects. I believe having a wealth of knowledge is the most powerful tool a person can have and this role has allowed me to explore the relationship between design, construction and real estate.”

Q. Are there any key similarities you’ve found within the two industries?

A. “The importance of relationships is evident in both. In architecture it’s extremely important that your client is engaged and you’re meeting their expectations, and it’s the same for property. Fostering relationships and loyalty with buyers and sellers is paramount in building a successful business, and it’s evidenced at Burgess Rawson with the amount of repeat purchasers and sellers I speak with.”

Q. Does architecture and design affect a property beyond appearance?

A. “Great architecture increases value through functionality, not just appearance. Investors are looking for a space that can fit a multitude of tenants, and tenants are looking for a site to suit their needs. It is so important when you’re designing that architects consider not just what the client wants, but how the end-users will interact with the space. By creating multi-use spaces that can evolve, you will attract buyers and renters alike.”

Q. What’s your favourite thing about your role at Burgess Rawson?

A. “As part of the national operations team, I get to be a part of all facets of the business. My role is hands on, I work alongside the agents throughout their property’s lifecycle, playing a key role in the overall successful outcome for our clients.”


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