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What is a WALE and what is it good for?

WALE, or weighted average lease expiry, is an important term within the world of commercial property. But what does the term mean, and when should you pay attention to it? If you’re looking to purchase a property with multiple leases, it’s worth finding out. What’s a WALE? In a property with various leases of different […]

What is a retrospective property valuation?

If you’re new to the world of commercial property investment there may be a few terms you are unfamiliar with. One term our team is asked about from time to time is retrospective property valuation, so we thought it might be useful to provide an outline of this service and when this might be required. […]

How to deal with commercial tenants who don’t pay

The law around the eviction of commercial tenants who fail to pay rent varies from state to state, and landlords not complying with the letter of the law can end up being taken to court by tenants. A commercial lease is entered into for a fixed term, and can only be terminated within that term […]

Gross vs Net leases – understanding the difference

When managing your commercial property investment you are going to come across different types of leases. Two common types include a Net Lease and a Gross Lease. Understanding both types of leases is important when calculating and reviewing the net income position of your investment property. Gross Lease: the tenant pays a base rent amount […]

8 reason why childcare assets make good investments

The future looks bright for childcare centre investments as the demand for quality and affordable childcare places is unlikely to slow down any time soon. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider investing in childcare assets: 1. Quality operators with long and secure leases Childcare centres boast quality operators and host blue chip tenants […]

If Labor wins, what next for Childcare?

Elections are always an interesting time, no matter what industry you’re in. And it’s no different for childcare, which is likely to experience significant change from both operational and investment perspectives, depending on which way the election result falls. If Labor wins power, as many polls and predictors are suggesting will occur, we’ll see the […]