Growing New Commercial Property Talent

Rick Jacobson leading the charge!

Burgess Rawson is proud to be nurturing the next generation of commercial real estate talent through their Sales Cadet Program.

Introduced earlier this year, the Sales Cadet Program was created to provide an opportunity for young real estate agents to gain practical and hands-on-experience at the start of their career, and while completing their qualifications.

Cadets are partnered alongside highly experienced Sales Agents who provide mentoring and leadership, and share valuable industry knowledge through one-to-one coaching. There is also an opportunity for Cadets to learn by ‘mirroring’ Sales Agents as they go about their senior roles.

Training covers the complete sales process enabling Cadets to fast-track their knowledge across all facets of commercial property sales, and learn about everything involved in marketing and selling a property.

Importantly, Cadets at Burgess Rawson have the chance to learn from some of the most successful and awarded Sales Agents in the commercial property industry.

A program delivering on success

The Sales Cadet Program launched in Melbourne in 2020, and was quickly implemented in the Sydney and Brisbane offices also.

Currently there is one Cadet in the Sydney office, two in the Brisbane office and three in the Melbourne office with plans to expand the number of places across all offices.

The Program while in its early stages is already delivering success, providing a launch pad for driven Cadets.

Helping to bridge the gap between study and work, the program provides an opportunity to learn, apply and ‘do’ concurrently, and enables newly qualified Cadets to make a smooth transition into a specialist sales role and really ‘hit the ground running’.

Our first Cadet is striving for greatness and is testament to the program’s values.

Rick Jacobson from our Melbourne office has the honour of being the very first Cadet to join the Burgess Rawson Sales Cadet Program, and it is one that he is very proud of.

“I was extremely grateful to be offered the first Sales Cadet role at Burgess Rawson and its incredible to see how fast they have grown, from me being the first Cadet, to now having a team of Cadets across the states.”

He is testament to the program’s success, and the opportunities it provides to learn and grow when starting in the industry.

“The Sales Cadet role provided a deeper insight into the sales process that occurrs each auction cycle. It provided me a detailed understanding on the submission and Information Memorandum process, improved my cold calling and overall phone skills, and how to more efficiently database and prospect.”

After completing the program, Rick had the skills to succeed. Rick signed up two property listings worth $15 million, gained his real estate license and was deservedly promoted to Sales Executive in early 2022.

“It was always my goal to work at a top-tier commercial real estate agency. I was extremely grateful to the Board of Directors for giving me this opportunity and to move into my dream role as a Sales Executive.”

Rick now works closely with Jamie Perlinger, a successful and seasoned Sales Specialist in Retail Fuel Assets and long time Burgess Rawson Partner. “Jamie has been an incredible leader and mentor, who has helped shape what has started to be a successful career in the industry.”

“It gives us great pride to watch Rick and the other Cadets learn the Burgess Rawson way and set them up for a long and successful career. We look forward to welcoming and nurturing more talent through the Sales Cadet Program during the remainder of 2022 and beyond as the business continues to grow.” Jamie Perlinger, Partner.

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