Choosing your commercial leasing agent

LeasingFriday 28 October 2016

Before you start the search for your ideal commercial property for lease, it’s important to choose the right commercial leasing agent. The last thing you want is to become committed to premises that don’t suit your business. A professional will be able to help you to match you with the most suitable result. Here’s what to look for when choosing your commercial leasing agent.

Experience in the local market and your area of business
Look for a commercial leasing agent who regularly locates properties for businesses similar to yours, within the area you’re looking in. Our services, for example, are best suited to retail businesses, shopping centres and office leasing markets within city and city fringe areas.

Your business might require a number of factors including high visibility for retail purposes, parking for staff and customers, proximity to suppliers and transports and handicapped access. Because we regularly find suitable offices and premises for local and foreign clients in these locations, we have both a good knowledge of what is available locally and an understanding of your unique requirements depending on your business type.

A comprehensive understanding of zoning and permitted uses
Your usage of your commercial space will need to abide by the permitted uses of your lease agreement, and above this you’ll need to comply with zoning laws set by local government. If you fail to research this correctly before signing the lease, you could be stuck paying for premises you can’t use. A professional commercial leasing agent will have the ability to ensure your intended business will be able to legally operate in the space you lease.

Extensive networks to provide new opportunities

Many leasing arrangements are organised through connections and networks, so you could be missing out on lease opportunities that aren’t widely promoted. By working with a commercial leasing agent who knows the local area and its property investors, you could find the perfect offer to lease commercial property with less competition from other potential tenants.

Compliance and documentation expertise

When you’re committing to a five year lease or longer, you’ll want to know every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. A commercial leasing agent can provide meticulous follow-through on legal documentation, providing peace of mind for both you as the tenant and your landlord that the commercial property lease is fully compliant and binding.

If you’re searching for a commercial leasing agent in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or Canberra or specialising in retail, shopping centre and office spaces, Burgess Rawson can help. Contact us today to find a specialist in your area who can put you in touch with ideal commercial properties for lease.