A golden opportunity

CommercialThursday 15 October 2015

Burgess Rawson would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our Chinese clientele a very happy Golden Week!

From the 2nd of October until the 7th of October 2015 the people of China enjoy a national holiday to celebrate Golden Week. Over half of the entire Chinese population will be on the move during this week of celebration, with most people taking the opportunity to travel to their hometowns to spend time with their family or to join their family on vacations overseas.

Burgess Rawson would like to welcome all visitors from China to Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney over this next week. Our company is seeking to further engage with potential Chinese investors moving forward and especially during this holiday period.

As part of this renewed focus we are pleased to announce that we have recently begun launching our listed properties here in Australia on Juwai.com. Juwai is the premiere Chinese international property website providing Chinese investors with the opportunity to search for international investment opportunities and gain information about how to purchase property overseas.

We invite any Chinese visitors interested in investing in the Australian market to take a look at our most recent listings on Juwai.com or to contact our offices for any further information or guidance regarding real estate sales opportunities in our major cities.