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What factors determine yields on investment properties?

When purchasing a commercial investment property, the most common considerations are the location, quality of improvements and quality of tenant but what is the appropriate yield? Every investor wants to achieve the highest possible yield, so let’s look at the factors that contribute to higher and lower yields. Generally, the better the location, building and […]

An Unforgettable Decade: 6 Properties We’ll Never Forget

Have you heard the one about the property that was almost completely underwater when it sold? Or the one about the $1 bid that was enough to buy an $8 million property? If you spend long in the commercial real estate game, you’ll think you’ve probably seen it all. But even Burgess Rawson’s most experienced […]

Industry Profile: Industrial

It might not have a reputation as the sexiest commercial property class, but there are good reasons why investors continue to turn to industrial assets. The rise of e-commerce and a lack of stock and developable land in some states has put major momentum behind existing industrial properties, which have continued to sell exceptionally well […]

Benefits of bidding at auction

If you thought auctions for inner-city terrace homes were action-packed, try attending an auction for a commercial property leased to Coles, 7-Eleven or Bunnings. You’ll be stunned at just how hot the competition can be to secure these assets. In fact, many buyers and investors much prefer to purchase at auction as opposed to through […]

Start small, dream big: How Burgess Rawson became a national player

There’s always a pivotal moment in the evolution of any successful company. For Australia’s largest privately-owned commercial property agency, Burgess Rawson, that moment came in the mid 1990’s when Westpac, ANZ and later NAB, came calling. The three major banks instructed Burgess Rawson to facilitate the “sale and leaseback” of more than 200 of their […]

Top tips for budding commercial property investors

With the property market ever evolving, investors are beginning to shift their focus, with traditional residential buyers beginning to recognise the attractive underlying attributes that many commercial property investments offer. For many, it’s the ‘set and forget’ nature of commercial properties, often leased to ASX-listed tenants on long, secure leases, that draws them in. From […]

Where to next for interest rates?

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided on 2 July to lower the cash rate by 0.25% to 1.00%. Analysts immediately predicted further interest rate cuts ahead with NAB and others forecasting a cut of 0/25% by the end of the year to give a cash rate of 0.75%. This is great news if you […]

26 Laps of the Earth: Numbers stack up as agents hit the road

Being a commercial property agent is about much more than ticking of marketing campaigns and working the phones. Just ask some of our Burgess Rawson agents, who’ve racked up more frequent flyer miles in the last year than most people would accrue in a lifetime, while visiting commercial properties in the most remote corners of […]

Blue chip commercial vs residential – comparing investments in today’s market

OPINION: Who wouldn’t want a secure investment leased to a publicly listed tenant on a long secure lease, right? With so much competition in the residential investment market, there are a growing number of traditional residential investors who are attracted to the strong underlying real estate attributes, and superior lease covenants on offer in commercial […]

Five things your commercial property manager should be doing for you

There can be a vast difference in the services you receive from property managers throughout Australia. Whether you’re looking for commercial property management for your shopping centre, retail shop, industrial unit or office building investment, there are several key activities that will prove that your property manager is going above and beyond for you. 1. […]