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Q&A with Martin Fisher, Director of Asset Management Sydney

Due diligence when considering a commercial property purchase Q. What should first time investors do? A. “Commercial property is not a uniform asset class and property type variations and tenant profiles should be carefully considered before purchase. It’s prudent to inspect the property prior to purchase and to review any associated lease documentation associated with […]

Focus on Tasmania

The incredible growth of Australia’s commercial property market in recent years is no secret. But what might surprise you is which markets are at the top of the class when it comes to recent performance. While Melbourne and Sydney remain Australia’s largest markets and major targets for buyers, it’s out southernmost state that is punching […]

Focus on Canberra: an insight into one of the fastest growing Australian economies

As a commercial property investor, have you looked outside Australia’s ‘big three’ cities recently? While investors could be forgiven for focusing their attention on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, savvy buyers are casting their eyes a little further afield. And for those who land on Australia’s capital, they’re reaping the rewards of a location that’s primed […]

Portfolios, Sale and Leaseback

In 2008 and 2009, at the height of the global financial crisis, investment in many property sectors ground to a halt as buyers weathered some of the most challenging financial conditions in decades. And yet amid the general doom and gloom, and the absence of commercial property activity, a campaign to sell 17 pub properties […]

Q&A with Ingrid Filmer

Q: What challenges do asset managers currently face? A: “A number of crucial incidents have brought to the forefront the issue of combustible cladding. Combustible cladding has been widely used on commercial and residential buildings throughout Australia. This is fast becoming the most important, and costly issue for building owners, as it has flow-on effects […]

Q&A with Lawyer Jacob Duane

Burgess Rawson Sydney Sales and Marketing Director Steve Lovison shares five minutes with Bennet & Philp Property Lawyer Jacob Duane, on the topic of purchasing property in a company structure. Steve Lovison (SL): Jacob, many potential buyers ask us about purchasing entities, often once the hammer has fallen! How common is it for people to […]

Q&A with Pat Kelly, Managing Director Brisbane

Q: Why are investors looking at medical/healthcare assets? A: “Put simply, increased demand for services within this sector has investors looking for their slice of a growing market. There is no doubt Australia has an ageing population, in fact over the 20 years between 1998 and 2018, the proportion of the population aged over 65 […]

Q&A with Raoul Holderhead

There’s something about single-tenanted commercial properties. While commercial assets as a whole continue to grow in popularity among investors, it’s the simplicity of single-tenanted properties that consistently see the most significant interest and demand. Burgess Rawson Director Raoul Holderhead explains why. Q. Why are single-tenanted assets so highly sought after? A. “It’s the simplicity of […]

What factors determine yields on investment properties?

When purchasing a commercial investment property, the most common considerations are the location, quality of improvements and quality of tenant but what is the appropriate yield? Every investor wants to achieve the highest possible yield, so let’s look at the factors that contribute to higher and lower yields. Generally, the better the location, building and […]

An Unforgettable Decade: 6 Properties We’ll Never Forget

Have you heard the one about the property that was almost completely underwater when it sold? Or the one about the $1 bid that was enough to buy an $8 million property? If you spend long in the commercial real estate game, you’ll think you’ve probably seen it all. But even Burgess Rawson’s most experienced […]