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Our pioneering Portfolio Investment Events, held every six weeks in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, are renowned for gathering exclusive commercial investment opportunities from across Australia.

We craft tailored campaigns to precisely match the unique attributes of each property, whether showcased in our bustling auction events or our high-profile Expressions of Interest models. Our portfolio campaigns encompass a unique selection of in-demand asset classes, accessible both in-person and digitally, with pricing options to suit every budget.

Our impressive and active database of seasoned investors consistently relies on our industry-leading investment programs to secure their next commercial property, while vendors continue to capitalise on premium results.

Portfolio Auction 169
Sydney - Tuesday 25th June 2024
Melbourne - Wednesday 26th June 2024
Brisbane - Thursday 27th June 2024
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Upcoming Portfolio Dates & Auctions
  Yallamundi Rooms, Sydney Opera House
    Tuesday 25th June 2024 | Auction Number 169
    Tuesday 6th August 2024 | Auction Number 170
    Tuesday 17th September 2024 | Auction Number 171
    Tuesday 29th October 2024 | Auction Number 172
  River Room, Crown Casino
    Wednesday 26th June 2024 | Auction Number 169
    Wednesday 7th August 2024 | Auction Number 170
    Wednesday 18th September 2024 | Auction Number 171
    Wednesday 30th October 2024 | Auction Number 172
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