Recruiting for growth: leading team gains additional expertise

Burgess Rawson’s exponential growth in management services has now extended to more than $7 billion worth of properties.

Recognising that managing properties is a crucial element of the investment journey, the agency has recruited Ben Walsh as head of asset management.

Boasting a long and distinguished career across finance and management, Mr Walsh will bring substantial knowledge to Burgess Rawson when he teams with existing joint head of asset management Phill Harrison.

A licensed agent and member of the Australian Property Institute, Mr Walsh explains what makes him tick.

Q: Why choose to specialise in commercial property?
A: I gained my passion for property from my father, Ned Walsh, an industry stalwart who is still working in the sector.

Q: What are the industry’s pressing issues?
A: The industry is currently dominated by the cladding crisis and many landlords do not understand their options or the costs of complying with a Victorian Building Authority notice. I’m passionate about finding solutions, helping to dealing with councils and walking owners through the process towards compliance.

As 90 per cent of the assets we manage are under the Retail Leases Act, I take great interest in keeping landlords up to date with ongoing reforms. The Act is the main legislation for commercial property and I have made a point of understanding the nuances of the associated case law.

Solar energy is another area that has grabbed my attention. I assist owners to understand the options on the market outside a typical capital outlay for panels. Landlords can enter leaseback deals, supply agreements or choose other funding options that make solar a viable solution to the rising energy costs.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?
A: With diverse assets across all classes, Burgess Rawson provides an exciting environment for managing properties. These span from the $100 million Craigieburn Junction to more than 25 childcare assets – an industry in which we are the experts.

Q: What do you bring to Burgess Rawson?
A: I plan to accelerate the skill set of staff members and become part of growing the agency’s asset management service.

Q: How will Burgess Rawson investor clients benefit from your expertise?
A: Our clients’ property performance will benefit from the extra layers of service offered through Burgess Rawson’s best-practice asset management and proactive consultancy.

Olga Galacho, Herald Sun


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