Q&A with Mimi Wylie

Published on: 14/09/2023

Mimi Wylie

Operations Manager NSW


How long have you been at Burgess Rawson and what has been the highlight?

“I joined Burgess Rawson as a sales analyst just over a year ago. Since then, I have experienced several highlights including the growth of our commercial sales team in the Sydney office.

It’s a joy to see our team successfully undertake bigger and better portfolio campaigns, challenging the status quo and continuously achieving the best results for our clients.

In addition, I was recently promoted to NSW Operations Manager, which has presented me with several new and exciting challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities for professional development.

This role has been an incredible opportunity to enhance my skills and take on a leadership position within the company.”

Describe your role?

“As NSW Operations Manager, my responsibilities involve overseeing and coordinating the numerous processes necessary throughout our investment portfolio campaigns.

I manage the overall sales process, from the initial listing of a property to the final closing of a sale. This often entails managing administrative, marketing, and financial aspects of the property campaign as well as coordinating our auction day events.”

How has your role evolved?

“Since beginning my journey at Burgess Rawson, my role has transformed from supporting the team with administrative tasks and data analysis to managing sales operations, event planning, coordination of our support team and ensuring compliance within NSW.”

Have you always worked in the property industry? What lured you to the industry?

“Yes, my career in real estate began in 2017 when I started in a receptionist position at another agency.

Later in 2019, I took an opportunity to transition into an administrative role for their national investment sales team.

I began working full-time in the property industry during my first year out of school while simultaneously completing a diploma in graphic design, which has helped me to refine my design skills for marketing purposes.”

What do you enjoy about commercial property and Burgess Rawson?

“Burgess Rawson places a great emphasis on individual growth and development. The company is constantly providing me with opportunities to up-skill and advance my career. The fast-paced nature of our auction campaigns and the diversity of our service offering means I’m continuously being challenged and expanding my knowledge.

I also take great pleasure in supporting the agents to achieve outstanding results for our clients. Furthermore, I enjoy working to find new ways we can enhance our value proposition and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

“My journey with the company so far has been highly rewarding and full of variety. I’m looking forward to seeing how the business evolves and being part of its exciting future and growth.”



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