Our Team

Burgess Rawson is a leading commercial property consultancy firm providing objective advice with the backing of in-depth knowledge and experience.

Our great strength is in the maturity and experience of our working directors who own the firm. That experience is passed on during training and an ongoing mentoring program.  

Unlike other real estate companies, we work, train and promote within the firm. This means we attract excellent people who have strong incentives to stay with us, and they do.

Our sales representatives or real estate agents in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane make meaningful connections with their clients which sees them returning to us again and again. Each client is unique and has different requirements for their property. Our sales representatives are experienced in the industry and are driven to educate every seller with all the knowledge they can for the best outcome. Our sellers are our number one priority, whether they are new or returning, we give everyone the time they need and make sure their experience with Burgess Rawson is a successful one.      

Burgess Rawson Perth is a trusted brand in the Real Estate Industry. Each Director and Sales Representative has accrued an extensive client list with many repeat clients. Every purchaser is unique and has different parameters for what they are looking for in residential or commercial property investment. Our goal at the end of each sale is for the client to finalise their purchase and be pleased with the outcome.   

Burgess Rawson is a National brand with over 130 staff members in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, which includes property portfolio agents and various other specialists. This brings a vast amount of diversity to the company. Every employee has a different background, and the array of ideas and knowledge adds value and is what makes the Burgess Rawson brand strong.  

The Directors own and run the business in their residing cities. They are driven to develop the company and remain a strong figure in the industry. Each Director plays a pivotal role in the business and the day to day running of the company. They pass their knowledge on to the Sales Representatives and Sales trainees to help them constantly improve and make sure the standard stays at a high level.


Pat Kelly
Glenn Conridge
David Ingram
Jamie Dewe
Katie Goodall
Kate Short
Krystal Baart
Diana Sparke


Raoul Holderhead
Shaun Venables
Tim Perrin
Jamie Perlinger
Ingrid Filmer
Billy Holderhead
Graeme Watson
Adam Thomas
Scott Meighan
Nick Breheny
Alex Shum
Natalie Couper
Rick Silberman
David Mark
Andrew Kausman
Sam Fogarty
Arton Meka
Phill Harrison
Julie Esparon
Leon Holderhead
Eloise Lowe
Terry Board

Perth - Sales & Leasing

Clive Norman
Ben Flanagan
Jack Bradshaw
Matthew Liscia
Luke Randazzo
Ed Cummins

Perth - Valuations

Perth - Property Management

Robyn Ferguson
Ian Crutchley
Naomi Worrall

Perth - Residential


Dean Venturato
Martin Fisher
Michael Gilbert
Andrew Vines
Stephen Lovison
Alicia Stephandellis
Kieran Bourke
Rhys Parker
Michael Vanstone
Goran Bojanovic
Maria Deleon
Mary Tang
Thomas Huxley
Naomi Venturato


Guy Randell
Mitchell Frail
Kate Mason
Samantha Signorino
Steve Burke